Partner. Equip. Send.

We exist to form a collaboration of like minded churches with the purpose of discipling launchable leaders, planting churches and resourcing the body for kingdom expansion.



“I didn’t build your church to be large, I built it to be leveraged.”

I’ll never forget the first time the Spirit of God spoke this into my life. I was the pastor of a large, multi-site church at the time. We were healthy and growing, but I knew something was missing. I sensed that the “more” God had for us was so close and yet seemed out of reach. Perhaps that’s where you find yourself as a local church pastor. Whatever the size of your church, we have all felt that call to more, and yet if we’re honest, most of us would say what we feel is somewhere between excited and overwhelmed. And worst of all, we feel alone.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

Awaken Network exists because we believe the church is the strongest and most versatile when we work together. We believe in empowering the local church’s disciple making efforts to go further. We believe every church, no matter the size, can play their part in greater kingdom expansion. What if every pastor was equipped to train church planters? What if every believer could be equipped to multiply the church? What if churches could be trained to deploy their congregations to carry out their Ephesians 4 calling and to spread the gospel? What if we could empower a movement of house churches, digital churches, microchurches and mega churches with training uniquely geared to each unique expression? What if together, we could equip planters and train up church planting teams within a network so no one ever has to be sent alone?

What if we could Awaken the Church again? It’s time.

Who We Are

The Awaken Network is a collaboration of churches and individuals who partner together to equip and send leaders and planters into a world in desperate need of Jesus.


The Awaken Network is built around these fundamental principles.


We are committed to ensuring prayer is not an add on, it is the bedrock.


We are committed to financially partner together to plant churches and to reach the unreached.


We are committed to planting churches with a discipleship strategy to further the mission of setting captives free.

Leadership Development

We are committed to helping unleash the Ephesians 4 call of every believer.


We are committed to planting churches that plant churches.

Interested In Joining The Awaken Network?

Awaken Network was established by Ransom Church, a Wesleyan Church