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Together, we are committed to advancing the Gospel into new territories. We believe that when we partner together, we can better equip and send leaders and church planters into a world in desperate need of Jesus.

Network Partners

Who are the
Awaken Advocates

advocate noun
ad·vo·cate | \ ad-v-kt , -kt\

Definition of advocate

  1. One who pleads the cause of another specifically.
  2. One who defends or maintains a cause or proposal.
  3. One who supports or promotes the interests of a cause or group

What does an Awaken Advocate Do?

Individuals who have committed to support the Awaken Network on an ongoing basis, both in prayer and financial support. In the past 24 months, this group of individuals has been a heavy force in supporting the church planters we have been able to send into new communities and who are claiming new territory with the Gospel!